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Genre Station of Ambient

  • Jim Kirkwood - Master of Dragons


    Artist : Jim Kirkwood
    Album : Master of Dragons
    Year : 1991
    Genre : Dungeon Synth, Electronic Fantasy, Ambient
    Country : United Kingdom


    01. Sighting Desert 00:00
    02. On the Edge of Reason 02:09
    03. Epitaph for a Dying City Pt. 1 10:14
    04. The Ships of Xerlerenes 13:22
    05. Epitaph for a Dying City Pt. 2 16:42
    06. Land of Lost Beliefs 18:39
    07. Dream Thief Pt. 1 22:12
    08. Dream Thief Pt. 2 32:04
    09. Land of Madness 36:32

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  • aphex twin - window sill


  • x
  • Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear


    Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear from the same named album, released in 1976

  • Mauve Sideshow-Dark Flowers Of The Street


    From the album, Dark Flowers.

    Mauve Sideshow is a neo-classical ambient group. I know the sound quality sounds strange, but that's how it actually sounds, I didn't get a bad copy or anything.

    All rights go to Mauve Sideshow.

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  • Grouper - She Loves Me That Way HQ


    Track 4 of A I A : Alien Observer , one of two 12 albums released together by Grouper in April 2011.

  • William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops


    dlp 1.1

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  • K. Leimer - Very Tired


    From Music For Land And Water

    Palace Of Lights - 1983

    I do not own rights on this song

  • Loscil - Endless Falls


    from the album Endless Falls

  • Mortiis-The Song Of A Long And Forgotten Ghost


    Mortiis's very first demo. Very rare.

    All rights go to Mortiis.

    Download link:

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  • Brian Eno - Ambient 4: On Land


    Originally released in 1982 by EG Records.

    Track listing:

    1. Lizard Point (0:00)
    2. The Lost Day (4:33)
    3. Tal Coat (13:45)
    4. Shadow (19:13)
    5. Lantern Marsh (22:13)
    6. Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) (27:47)
    7. A Clearing (33:13)
    8. Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960 (37:22)

  • Don Slepian - Sea of Bliss



  • Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow HQ


    New album, official playlists, Hammock radio:
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    #ambient #ambientmusic #postrock #sleepmusic #hammock #hammockmusic #hammockband #instrumental #instrumentalmusic

  • James Ferraro - Genie Head Gas In The Tower Of Dreams Full Album


    Genie Head Gas In The Tower Of Dreams (Jesters Midnight Toys) (2009)

    *All rights belong to James Ferraro
    Part 1- 0:00
    Part 2- 0:41
    Part 3- 33:43
    Part 4- 1:02:33
    Part 5- 1:16:54


  • Andrew Chalk


    Time To Hayfield

  • JURGEN MULLER Coral Fantasy


    Jürgen Müller - Science Of The Sea (2011)

  • Graham Lambkin - Amateur Doubles


    Graham Lambkin ‎- Amateur Doubles

    Label | Kye, 2011
    No copyright infringement intended.Copyright belongs to the Record Label/Company and the Artist.

  • Serge Bulot - Euryale


  • Chopin - Nocturno en si bemol menor Op 9 Nº 1


    Pianista Claudio Arrau
    Primeros nocturnos publicado por Chopin en 1833 en Paris, mas no el primer compuesto (los nocturnos postumos ocupan ese puesto).
    Inspirados es las obras de John Field, el aprenderia y tomaria un estilo de composicion como suyo dandoles alma a los preciosos pero vacios marcos de Field (Alfred Cortot).
    El nocturno N° 1, aunque hermoso, es apenas el susurro de lo que vendria despues. Segun Bernard Gavoty un tema de arpegio monotono y tristeza distinguida

  • Bernard Xolotl - Gypsy Crystal


    shout out to sounds of the dawn

  • Ashtray Navigations - Hey Sunflower Motherfucker


    Song: Hey Sunflower Motherfucker
    Artist: Ashtray Navigations
    Album: Four More Raga Moods
    Track Number: 2
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom



    © 2006 Ikuisuus

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  • KWJAZ - Once In Babylon


  • Grouper - A|A


    1-1 Dragging The Streets
    1-2 I Saw A Ray
    1-3 Soul Eraser
    1-4 Atone
    1-5 No Other
    1-6 Wind Return
    1-7 A Lie

    2-1 Moon Is Sharp
    2-2 Alien Observer
    2-3 Vapor Trails
    2-4 She Loves Me That Way
    2-5 Mary, On The Wall (For Bette Jackson)
    2-6 Come Softly (For Daniel Dalzell)

  • Biosphere - Substrata Full Album


    [00:00] As The Sun Kissed The Horizon
    [01:45] Poa Alpina
    [05:55] Chukhung
    [13:28] The Things I Tell You
    [19:57] Times When I Know You'll Be Sad
    [23:41] Hyperborea
    [29:29] Kobresia
    [36:39] Antennaria
    [41:45] Uva-Ursi
    [44:36] Sphere Of No-Form
    [50:32] Silene

  • Boards Of Canada - A Few Old Tunes Full Album


    1. Spectrum 0:00
    2. Light, Clear Hair 2:19
    3. P.C. 3:03
    4. Trapped 3:55
    5. Rodox Video 7:46
    6. Happy Cycling 9:08
    7. House of Abin'adab 11:05
    8. Finity 13:05
    9. Forest Moon 18:06
    10. Skimming Stones 24:45
    11. Carcan 27:01
    12. Devil 28:53
    13. Mansel 29:09
    14. She Is P 34:49
    15. Davie Addison 36:34
    16 .Sac 37:50
    17. Blockbusters 39:14
    18. I Will Get It Tattooed 39:58
    19. The Way You Show 41:38
    20. I Love U 44:34
    21. King of Carnival 46:12
    22. M9 50:36
    23. Original Nlogax 54:09
    24. Sequoia 55:25
    25. Boqurant 1:00:12
    26. 5.9.78 1:01:57
    27. Wendy Miller 1:06:10
    28. Paul Russell's Piece 1:06:44
    29. Up the March Bank 1:07:41
    30. Nova Scotia Robots 1:11:06

    I don't own Boards Of Canada or any of their music. All rights go to them or their respective owners.


    User Multiazyazz remastered A Few Old Tunes and Old Tunes Vol 2.

    Boards of Canada - A Few Old Tunes {Remastered} -

    Boards of Canada - Old Tunes Vol 2 {Remastered}

    Be sure to support BoC by buying their stuff and say hello to Multilazyazz!

  • Carbon Based Lifeforms - Twentythree


    01 - Arecibo 0:00 (9.21)
    02 - System 9:21 (7.32)
    03 - Somewhere In Russia 16:53 (8.36)
    04 - Terpene 25:29 (5.57)
    05 - Inertia
    (Voice -- Karin My Andersson) 31:26 (10.33)
    06 - VLA (Edit) 41:59 (10.01)
    07 - Kensington Gardens
    (Voice -- Karin My Andersson) 52:00 (6.24)
    08 - Held Together By Gravity 58:24 (8.05)

    Listen @ 720p for best audio quality.

    Composed By -- Daniel Segerstad (tracks: 1 to 5, 7, 8), Johannes Hedberg (tracks: 1, 4 to 8)
    Mastered By -- Vincent Villuis



    Walter Bachauer, der geniale RIAS (Radio Im Amerikanischen Sektor)-Berlin Redakteur und Veranstalter der legendären Meta-Musikfestivals, veröffentlichte unter dem Pseudonym Clara Mondshine auf dem IC Label (Klaus Schulze auch hier mit im Spiel) 1983 die LP MEMORYMETROPOLIS.
    Es handelt sich hier um das erste Stück auf der A-Seite, Caesar in Camerun.

    Walter Bachauer arbeitete auch mit Achim Gieseler (Jakino's 7th World) .

    Eine ausführliche Würdigung gab es am Sonntag, 29.01.2006 anläßlich des 60ig-jährigen Jubiläums des RIAS Berlin auf Deutschlandradio Kultur:

    Tonart (02:05 - 05:00)
    Clara Mondschein und Meta-Musik
    Walter Bachauer - Portrait eines Radio-Avantgardisten
    Von Olaf Leitner

  • Craig Kupka - Clouds II


    2nd half of Clouds II.

    album: Clouds - New Music For Relaxation
    year: 1981
    label: Folkways Records

  • Krozier & The Generator: Perhaps Reincarnation is Only for Some of Us


    This short video clip was assembled to commemorate the 32nd Anniversary of the passing of Geof Krozier (aka Jeff Crozier). The Man of Mystery and Magic was unique among his peers and he performed across three decades in Australia, France and the United States. In 1980 he hooked up with The Generator (aka Rainbow Generator) Australia's premier electronic group. They performed in Melbourne, Australia for the last 6 months of 1980, before moving lock stock and barrel to guitarist, David Labuschagne's recording studio, the 'Lectric Loo (in Woolloomooloo, NSW) to rehearse for a forthcoming National Tour, late 1981. Unfortunately Geof passed away on 17th May 1981 and the tour never eventuated.

    A double LP was released late 1981, called Tranceformer, by Krozier and The Generator resulted from the sessions recorded early in 1981. The track Perhaps Reincarnation is taken from that album. The photo's used in the clip are from the private collection of Generator keyboard/synthesist, Rob Greaves' collection.

    Vale Geof - definitely not forgotten.

    The album has been re-released in the vinyl format in 2016 by Finders Keepers Records in the UK.

  • Tom Recchion - Flying Weather


    from the album Chaotica on Birdman Records (1996)

    Tom Recchion plays pre-recorded stereo tape-loops, records, cassettes, analog and digtal effects and keyboards (no samplers). All tracks are live improvisations recorded originally without the use of overdubs or edits.

  • Poul Gernes


    An excerpt of the Penultimate Press LP release: Poul Gernes.

    Poul Gernes only ever recorded just under 20 minutes of music. His entire musical production is therefore on this LP. The recording was done on a Tandberg Recorder at Poul Gernes' house in the south of Sweden in 1969. He is playing an old harmonium salvaged from a local primary school. The result is an informal quasi­-drone work, which, along with the ambient sounds and domestic interference, comes across as a snapshot of the recording itself, a sonic Polaroid.

    Poul Gernes (1925­-1996) was one of the central figures in Danish art life during the latter half of the twentieth century. His experimental art holds a firm place on an international level and as one of the founders of the legendary Den Eksperimenterende Kunstskole (The Experimenting Art School) he has exerted considerable influence on a whole generation of artists who make up the Danish post war avant­ garde. His wide-ranging body of work is still a source of inspiration for younger generations of artists in Denmark and abroad.

    More information:

  • Pauline Oliveros / Stuart Dempster / Panaiotis - Lear


    Taken from Deep Listening (New Albion - NA 022 CD).

  • Isao Tomita - Arabesque No. 1


    Arabesque No. 1 from Isao Tomita's Snowflakes Are Dancing LP.

  • Dieter Schutz - In Dreams


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    Dieter Schütz ‎– Voyage / Sky Records ‎– SKY 10

  • Hiroshi Yoshimura-Green 1986 New age Ambient


    1 | Creek (00:00)
    2 | Feel (06:02)
    3 | Sheep (10:36)
    4 | Sleep (16:08)
    5 | Green (22:58)
    6 | Feet (28:20)
    7 | Street (34:49)
    8 | Teevee (42:19)

    Lovely Japanese minimal ambient album. Very relaxing and a personal favorite of mine, decided to upload because no full version existed on YT.

  • Eliane Radigue - Kyema


    Eliane Radigue - Kyema from Trilogie De La Mort (1998)

  • Pierce Warnecke - Recursive Sedimentation of Thoughts


    Memory Fragments, Room40, 2016
    Please drop a comment or PM if you'd like the audio removed.

  • Andrew Chalk - Three Rivers


    Andrew Chalk | Ghost of Nakhodka | Siren Records | 2009

  • Lightwave - Cités Analogues


    The music published in our channel is exclusively dedicated to divulgation purposes and not commercial. If someone, for any reason, would deem that a video appearing in this channel violates the copyright, please inform us immediately before you submit a claim to Youtube, and it will be our care to remove immediately the video accordingly.


    La pieza Cités Analogues que da título al cassette Cités Analogues (1988), el grupo francés Lightwave, integrado por Christian Wittman y Christoph Harbonnier. Este álbum nunca ha sido reeditado en CD.

    Más información/More information:

  • Angelo Badalamenti - Freds World


    Obscure track taken from the original Soundtrack of David Lynch's Motion Picture Lost Highway. 1996, Nothing Records, Interscope Records.

    Disclaimer: I'm not the owner of the track.

  • Bobby Brown-oneness with the forest


    Bobby Brown-oneness with the forest

  • Randy Greif / Dan Burke - Dismantling The Known


    Off the FRAGMENT 56 Album (1994)

    Swinging Axe Productions

  • Randy Greif - The Age Of Epilepsy


    Bacteria And Gravity
    RRRecords, 1987

  • Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canavarro - Guiar


    From 'Mr. Wollogallu'

    -uploaded in HD at

  • Robert Rich & B. Lustmord - Synergistic Perceptions


    Artist Name : Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord
    Track Title : Synergistic Perceptions
    Album Title : Stalker
    Year : 1995

  • Andrew Chalk - Blue Field


    Fixed audio:

  • Mauve Sideshow - Stray Apparitions


  • 76:14 - Global Communication


    No falta mucha descripción para este álbum, sin embargo haremos nuestro mejor esfuerzo.

    Eran los salvajes 90s, y un dúo Británico llamado Global Communication publica este álbum seminal llamado 76:14. Este llega ser el pináculo de su carrera musical, pero también logra ser considerado uno de los álbumes más influyentes e importantes de la música electrónica a finales de los años 90.

    La intensión de crear un álbum en donde el escucha fuera libre de decidir que pensar acerca de dicho materail los lleva a hacer algo interesante, solamente nombrar los temas con la misma cantidad de tiempo que duraban en el LP. Novedoso, no, pero si muy intrigante.

    Esto es 76:14 de Global Communication. Lo invitamos a escucharlo con paciencia.

    Lista de Reproducción:

    00:00 - 4.02
    04:02 - 14.31
    18:34 - 9.25
    27:56 - 9.37
    37:37 - 7.39
    45:17 - 0.54
    46:12 - 8.07
    54:19 - 5.23
    59:42 - 4.14
    1:03:57 - 12.18

    Gracias a +abbyharp1 por los Cues y el Playlist. ¡Síganos en Facebook y G+! ¡Somos La Sociedad de Amantes del Sonido!

  • Aphex Twin & Stakker - Westworld


    Director STAKKER
    Production Company Warpvision
    Photography SCOTT, Colin
    Photography PYTEL, Marek
    Music Aphex Twin

  • Anjou - Inclosed


    Anjou is the beautifully enigmatic reunion of Labradford’s Mark Nelson (Pan American) and Robert Donne with fellow Kranky star, percussionist Steven Hess. The result of four years writing and editing, it marks Donne and Nelson’s first collaboration since Labradford’s ‘fixed:content’ (2000) and the first meeting of Pan American’s Nelson and Hess since ‘Cloud Room, Glass Room’ (2013). Now older, wiser, quieter, the trio offer a subtly involving, hazily detailed ambient suite gleaned from an intricate process of modular synthesis, Max/MSP programming and live instrumentation. Essentially it takes the trio’s respective, somnambulant aesthetics to a stranger, detached and dreamlike place, smudging the parameters of their sound to a shape-shifting mass of sublimated harmonics and intangible melody beyond the reach of most modern ambient practitioners. Our personal highlights are the Gas-like ‘Sighting’ with its brooding, distant pads and deft percussion from Hess, or the eerie midnight waltz of ‘Backsight’, especially when the shimmering SAW-style chords seep into play halfway thru. It’s a real beauty.

  • JEAN-PHILIPPE GOUDE - Tintinnabulum


    Jean-Philippe Goude - synthesizer / Patrick Gauthier - synthesizer / Bernard Paganotti - bass / Kirt Rust - drums, percussion / Richard Pinhas - guitar / Michel Ettori - guitar / Jean-Michel Kajdan - guitar.

    Like Georges Grunblatt's K-Priss, ex-Weidorje keyboardist Goude's Drones is a fantastic but woefully overlooked album of classic French zeuhl-tinged synth prog, featuring the cream of late 70s zeuhl musicians.

    Tintinnabulum is a beautifully understated zeuhl progressive composition, carried along on detuned moog waves, low male choir vox, guitar/synth leadline duel and perfectly pitched jazz percussion. For all fans of French zeuhl prog, esp. Heldon, Weidorje, Pinhas solo, Gauthier solo, Univers Zero, Magma, Francois Breant, Troll etc.

  • Belbury Poly - Clockwork horoscope


    Belbury Poly - Clockwork horoscope

    Album: From an ancient star
    Year: 2009

  • Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid


    Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

    The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid is the sixth studio LP by ambient drone music group Stars of the Lid. It was released in late 2001 on the Kranky label, on two CDs and three LPs. The album features long minimal, droning compositions created from heavily treated guitar, horn, flute, piano, and other classical instruments. An interesting feature of the second track, Requiem For Dying Mothers, part 2 is that it features a sample from the final scene of Andrei Tarkovsky's film Stalker, where the character Monkey pushes a glass across a table by way of telekinesis as a dog whines and a train whistle blows in the distance.

    Ripped using EAC with 99% accuracy and then encoded using FLAC at -8. The picture changes every ten minutes from art found on the inside and front of the CD case.

  • Iasos - Libra Sunrise


    Read about this release:

  • Arthur Lyman - Moon over a ruined castle -1959


  • Steve Hillman: Timelevels, Pt 1


    Timelevels Pt. 1, first released on the Timelevels album in 1987, now re-mastered and available on the download album Timelevels/Worlds Beyond available from all good download sites.
    Steve Hillman: Synths, Keys & Artwork. P & C Ethericom Music 2013.

  • Daniel Schmidt - In My Arms, Many Flowers FULL ALBUM


    Subscribe :

    Label: Recital - Recital Seventeen
    Genre: Folk, World
    Style: Gamelan, Experimental
    Year: 2016

    00:00 And The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn
    12:32 In My Arms, Many Flowers
    19:48 Ghosts
    33:47 Faint Impressions

  • Tim Hecker - The Ravedeath 1972 Full Album


    1. The Piano Drop 0:00
    2. In the Fog I 2:54
    3. In the Fog II 7:46
    4. In the Fog III 13:47
    5. No Drums 18:48
    6. Hatred of Music I 22:12
    7. Hatred of Music II 28:23
    8. Analog Paralysis, 1978 32:45
    9. Studio Suicide, 1980 36:37
    10. In the Air I 40:02
    11. In the Air II 44:14
    12. In the Air III 48:22

    Total: 52:54

    Lucky me. I got the album length right. 52:24, exactly what it says in wiki

  • Aphex Twins Selected Ambient Works Volume II


    0:00 - Untitled
    7:27 - Untitled
    14:01 - Untitled
    21:45 - Untitled
    26:25 - Untitled
    35:20 - Untitled
    38:52 - Untitled
    47:43 - Untitled
    52:51 - Untitled
    59:46 - Untitled
    1:09:44 - Untitled
    1:17:02 - Untitled
    1:19:41 - Blue Calx
    1:27:01 - Untitled
    1:35:01 - Untitled
    1:40:36 - Untitled
    1:45:21 - Untitled
    1:47:26 - Untitled
    1:54:43 - Untitled
    2:04:52 - Untitled
    2:10:50 - Untitled
    2:15:05 - Untitled
    2:22:14 - Untitled
    2:29:44 - Untitled
    2:41:11 - Untitled

  • Emerald Web - Aqua Regia



  • David Parsons - Sounds of the Mothership



  • Tape Loop Orchestra - I Was Born When She Kissed Me


    Tape Loop Orchestra ‎- In A Lonely Place

    Label: Facture ‎- Facture 007
    Format: Vinyl, Album, LP
    CD, Album
    All Media, Limited Edition
    Country: UK
    Released: 25 Dec 2012
    Genre: Classical Modern, Ambient

    More info:

    Inspired by three lines of dialogue from the Humphrey Bogart 1950 classic, 'In A Lonely Place' is the surgical exploration of a classic era noir: a descent from glittering surface tension to sinister murky depth. As with all Tape Loop Orchestra releases, the theme is one of decay -- a certain blurred focus disintegrating into fragile remembered phrases, echoing the film's dive from romantic optimism into malevolent violence.
    In a textbook example of art mirroring life, the album's script within a script reflects the tension and emotion of the film director Nicolas Ray was directing his then wife Gloria Grahame during the breakdown of their relationship. Recorded and edited by Andrew Hargreaves over three months on a modified 4-track and walkman loop, these three powerful and precise pieces from one side of a C90 are proudly brought to you on a limited edition 300 run on 180gm vinyl by Facture. Mastered in black and white widescreen by James Plotkin, the stunning packaging features hand numbered heavy-duty gatefold and printed inner sleeves designed by Craig Tattersall, photography by Joe Borreson, hand numbered/stamped A2 collage poster designed by Alice Clarke, hand numbered cut out ACD Sleeve CD with inserts, 12 x 12 heavy card stock print, download code, plus scent and extras.

    I Was Born When She Kissed Me
    Inspired by three lines of dialogue from the Humphrey Bogart 1950 classic, 'In A Lonely Place' is the surgical exploration of a classic era noir: a descent from glittering surface tension to sinister murky depth. As with all Tape Loop Orchestra releases, the theme is one of decay -- a certain blurred focus disintegrating into fragile remembered phrases, echoing the film's dive from romantic optimism into malevolent violence.

    I Died When She Left Me
    In a textbook example of art mirroring life, the album's script within a script reflects the tension and emotion of the film director Nicolas Ray was directing his then wife Gloria Grahame during the breakdown of their relationship. Recorded and edited by Andrew Hargreaves over three months on a modified 4-track and walkman loop, these three powerful and precise pieces from one side of a C90 are proudly brought to 180gm vinyl by Facture. Mastered in black and white widescreen by James Plotkin, the stunning packaging features heavy-duty gatefold and printed inner sleeves designed by Craig Tattersall, photography by Joe Borreson, A2 collage poster designed by Alice Clarke, cut out ACD Sleeve CD with inserts and a hand numbered 12 x 12 double sided heavy card stock print.
    I Lived A Few Weeks While She Loved Me

    Orders will be made on the Facture mailing list.




  • Ralph Lundsten - Amen


    From his 1971 album Fadervår, but better know as appearing in the 1973 revenge classic Thriller: A Cruel Picture

  • Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music for Airports Full Album


    Ambient 1: Music for Airports is the sixth studio album by Brian Eno. It was released by Polydor Records in 1978. The album consists of four compositions created by layering tape loops of differing lengths. It was the first of four albums released in Eno's Ambient series, a term which he coined to differentiate his experimental and minimalistic approach to composition from the products of the various purveyors of canned music.

    The music was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent of defusing the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal. To achieve this, Eno sought to create music as ignorable as it is interesting. Though it is not the earliest entry in the genre, it was the first album ever to be explicitly created under the label ambient music.


    Side one:

    00:00 - 1/1
    17:20 - 2/1

    Side two:

    26:15 - 1/2
    38:30 - 2/2

    The track labelling references the album's first release (1978) as an LP, and so the first track means first track, first side, and so on. The CD pressing adds 30 seconds of silence after every song, including 2/2.

    © 1978, E.G. | Polydor | PVC
    © Virgin UK


  • Sven Grunberg - Hingus Full Album


    One of the very rare exponents of Soviet progressive electronic music. Being geographically closest to western and northern Europe, some of the culture would diffuse and influence young generation of talented rock musicians, who then grew to create very diverse and original Estonian music, from progressive rock / electronic to modern classical.

    1. Hingus 1 - 0:00
    2, Hingus 2 - 7:33
    3, Hingus 3 - 9:58
    4. Hingus 4 - 17:06
    5. Teekond - 23:18
    5. Valgusxis - 28:57

    (1-4) recorded in 1979/80. (5) recorded in 1980. (6) recorded in 1978.

  • Randy Greif - Goodbye My Good Friends


    Bacteria And Gravity
    RRRecords, 1987

  • Morgan Fisher & Lol Coxhill - Vase


    Slow Music

  • Fourth World Magazine Vol. II - Pinhead In Fantasia Full Album


    Recorded in an Open Air theater and in a golden metal box simulataneously.
    The record comes packaged with a 12-page booklet, featuring contributions from Clark, David Keenan, and filmmaker AR Faust.

    Full Tracklist:




  • Randy Greif / Dan Burke - Just Drift Away


    Off the FRAGMENT 56 Album (1994)

    Swinging Axe Productions

  • Randy Greif - The Third Village


  • Oval - Do While


    Album: 94 diskont
    Artist: Oval
    Release Date: 1995

  • Randomize ‎- La Armonía De Las Esferas


    Randomize ‎- Como Se Divertirán Los Insectos


  • Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children


    Sorry about the ads, can't do anything about it.
    Music Has the Right to Children is the debut studio album by Scottish electronic music duo Boards of Canada, released on 20 April 1998 by record label Warp and on 20 August in the United States.


    1. 0:00 .......Wildlife Analysis
    2. 1:18 .......An Eagle in Your Mind
    3. 7:41 .......The Color of the Fire
    4. 9:26 .......Telephasic Workshop
    5. 16:02 .....Triangles & Rhombuses
    6. 17:52 .....Sixtyten
    7. 23:41 .....Turquoise Hexagon Sun
    8. 28:49 .....Kaini Industries
    9. 29:48 .....Bocuma
    10. 31:24 .....Roygbiv
    11. 33:55 .....Rue the Whirl
    12. 40:35 .....Aquarius
    13. 46:33 .....Olson
    14. 48:05 .....Pete Standing Alone
    15. 54:13 .....Smokes Quantity
    16. 57:20 .....Open the Light
    17. 1:01:45 ..One Very Important Thought
    18. 1:03:04 ..Happy Cycling

  • Brian Eno - Fullness Of The Wind


    Brian Eno - Discreet Music (1975.)

  • Jacques Brodier Assemblee dElectrasclaphons


    Taken from the LP 'Filtre De Réalite' (Penultimate Press 2012)

  • Steve Roach - The Magnificent Void


    Get this album in high quality from the artist's website:

    or from iTunes:

    The Magnificent Void (1996) is an album by the U.S. ambient musician Steve Roach. The backcover of The Magnificent Void quotes from transpersonal psychologist Stanislav Grof's 1992 book The Holotropic Mind: One of the most enigmatic of all transpersonal phenomena is the experience of the Void [...] This absolute emptiness is simultaneously pregnant with all of existence since it contains everything in a potential form.

    The music on this album is dark, expansive, pure electronic textures, ending in an intense chord progression titled Altus (a Latin word meaning both high and deep). Genre-wise, the album says File under Ambient, Electronic and is tagged as Electronic Space by its record label, but is also classified as dark ambient by reviewers. The Steve Roach website files it in its custom category Atmospheric Space, but adds that it has more in common with 20th century avant-garde than other genres.

    Track list:
    01. Between The Gray And The Purple 00:00
    02. Void Memory One 07:42
    03. Infinite Shore 10:35
    04. Cloud Of Unknowing 18:22
    05. Void Memory Two 29:00
    06. Void Memory Three 32:40
    07. The Magnificent Void 36:21
    08. Altus 49:34

  • Tim Hecker - Radio Amor


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    This is the first upload of this brand new channel that will focus entirely on ambient music, all sorts of electronic and sample-heavy stuff. What better way to start than this amazing album 'Radio Amor' by Dr. Tim Hecker. Enjoy!

  • The City of Lost Children - Lanniversaire DIrvin


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    allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and
    research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or
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  • David Bowie - Warszawa


    From 'Low'.

  • P.O.N.D. - Planetenwind - Vinyl


    Planetenwind wurde auf der LP Planetenwind 1984 veröffentlicht

  • Didier Paquette - Les Cavaliers De Rohan


    Le souffle noir E.P.

  • Edgar Froese - NGC 891


    Edgar Frose

  • Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor


  • nurse with wound - Funeral Music For Perez Prado


    Nurse With Wound 2001

  • Roly Porter - Cloud


    the most immersive, visceral and tangible listening experience you will likely have this year. Roly Porter is straight up the coolest dude ever.

  • Brian Eno | Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks | Whole Album HD


    Brian Eno | Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks | Whole Album HD

    I don't own any rights to the music, I'm just a fan of Brian Eno.

    (all songs written by Brian Eno except where indicated)

    1. Under Stars (Eno - Lanois) 00:00
    2. The Secret Place (Lanois - arranged by Brian Eno) 04:25
    3. Matta 07:55
    4. Signals (Eno - Lanois) 12:20
    5. An Ending (Ascent) 15:00
    6. Under Stars II (Eno - Lanois) 19:30
    7. Drift (Eno - Roger Eno) 22:50
    8. Silver Morning (Lanois) 25:55
    9. Deep Blue Day (Eno - Lanois - Roger Eno) 28:40
    10. Weightless (Eno - Lanois - Roger Eno) 32:40
    11. Always Returning (Eno - Roger Eno) 37:15
    12: Stars (Eno - Lanois) 41:05

    Brian Eno: synth, keyboards, arrangements
    Roger Eno: production
    Daniel Lanois: guitar, sound engineer

    Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks is an album by the British ambient musician Brian Eno, released in 1983. It was written, produced, and performed by Brian Eno, his brother Roger and Daniel Lanois.[7] Music from the album appeared in the films 28 Days Later, Traffic, and Trainspotting, whose soundtrack sold approximately four million copies. Two of the songs from the album, Silver Morning and Deep Blue Day, were issued as a 7 single on EG Records.

  • Boards of Canada - Geogaddi


    Geogaddi is the second album by Scottish electronic music duo Boards of Canada, released in February 2002. It has a darker sound than its predecessor, Music Has the Right to Children. The band claimed that the title has a definite meaning, but that they wanted listeners to decide on their own interpretations.

    Track listing:

    01 - 00:00 - Ready Lets Go
    02 - 00:57 - Music Is Math
    03 - 06:21 - Beware the Friendly Stranger
    04 - 06:58 - Gyroscope
    05 - 10:34 - Dandelion
    06 - 11:46 - Sunshine Recorder
    07 - 18:02 - In the Annexe
    08 - 19:23 - Julie and Candy
    09 - 24:54 - The Smallest Weird Number
    10 - 26:11 - 1969
    11 - 30:31 - Energy Warning
    12 - 31:07 - The Beach at Redpoint
    13 - 35:26 - Opening the Mouth
    14 - 36:37 - Alpha and Omega
    15 - 43:41 - I Saw Drones
    16 - 44:09 - The Devil Is in the Details
    17 - 48:03 - A Is to B as B Is to C
    18 - 49:43 - Over the Horizon Radar
    19 - 50:50 - Dawn Chorus
    20 - 54:46 - Diving Station
    21 - 56:12 - You Could Feel the Sky
    22 - 01:01:31 - Corsair

  • Robert Rich — Somnium


  • Cluster Plas


    From the album Cluster II (Germany, 1972).

  • The Future Sound Of London Lifeforms Part 1 & 2


    Ill Flower
    Bird Wings
    Dead Skin Cells
    Among Myselves
    Spineless Jelly
    Vertical Pig
    Life Form Ends
    Room 208
    Elaborate Burn
    Little Brother

  • Frank Perry - Virgo A


    from Temple of the Stars (KPM, 1986)

  • Upper Astral - Celestial Harmonies


    Upper Astral - Celestial Harmonies from the album Journey to the Edge of the Universe (1983)

  • Weyes Blood - Storms That Breed


    Taken From The Outside Room (Not Not Fun | 2011).

  • HYDRUS - Midnight In Space full album


    Artist: Hydrus
    Album: Midnight In Space 1978
    Genre: Progressive Electronic
    Label: PDU
    Country: Italy

    1. Midnight In Space (0:00)
    2. Hibernation (5:21)
    3. Earth Calling Space (15:34)
    4. Milky Way (19:39)
    5. The 2 Planets (26:04)
    6. Space Link-up (32:34)

  • Gas - Pop Full Album


    Gas [Wolfgang Voigt] - Pop (2000)

    1.Untitled 1 (0:00)
    2.Untitled 2 (5:13)
    3.Untitled 3 (13:51)
    4.Untitled 4 (21:19)
    5.Untitled 5 (30:51)
    6.Untitled 6 (41:44)
    7.Untitled 7 (51:08)

  • Emerald Web - The Dragons Gate


    Great analog electronic ambiance from Emerald Web. This is my favorite track from the album Valley Of The Birds.

    Released in the US on Cassette in 1981.
    Label: Stargate
    Performers: Bob Stohl & Kat Epple

  • Zygoat 1974 full album


    Artist: Zygoat
    Album: “Zygoat” 1974
    Genre: Progressive Electronic
    Label: Polydor
    Country: US

    Face One: (0:00)
    A1 Leaves Of Sand
    A2 Zygoat
    A3 Ybur Knom
    A4 Pillar Of Salt
    A5 Movement To The Earth
    A6 Seeds Cast To The Wind
    Face Two: (20:50)
    B1 Zy-Clone
    B2 Ybur Doon
    B3 Zygomania
    B4 The Ladder Of Zeugma
    B5 The Libran Sea
    B6 Perseverance Furthers

    Burt Alcantara - composed, ARP & RSE synthesizers

  • Robert Haigh Music From The Ante Chamber


  • Che-Shizu - Im Dancing In My Heart


  • chicaloyoh - ghost runs




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